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Oktoberfest in Connecticut

Oktoberfest is here! Connecticut is holding our own version of the German holiday. Breweries all around  are holding events and festivals to celebrate fall. Don’t know where to find the best beer? Here are 4 breweries around CT you must…

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Seven Steps to Take When Heading Back to College

Summer has come to a end and many are heading back to college to start the new semester. Weather you are living in a dorm, apartment, or house there are certain things you shouldn’t forget! Here are seven steps to…

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How You Can Stop Unethical Factory Farming

Supporting your local farms and farmers markets instead of factory farms has many benefits. Buying locally helps your economy and farmers. The fruits and veggies are cheaper, safer to eat, fresh, and taste better. Factory farming has been a huge…

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1920 or 2018?

Due to the depression after the first world war there were less houses being built. Most houses in the 1920’s were built in suburban developments near existing towns. By the end of the 1920’s more houses were being built. There…

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