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Container Living

Im sure you have heard of shipping containers but have you heard of homes made out of shipping containers? The new up an coming way of living can save you tons of money. In this blog we will go over benefits of shipping containers and what to know before building your own.

Benefits: Shipping containers are like tiny homes but you can make your home as big as you want depending on how many containers you have. You can stack these containers since they are made to be strong to ship items everywhere around the world. They are water tight and the structure won’t burn down if a fire starts. This way of living is sustainable and you can even add solar panels!

Tips: Before building your own shipping container home it’s important to see what was shipped in the container because it may need to be refurbish or you can look into buying a brand new one. Depending on where you live you must know what building codes to go by, In some states you can be completely off grid! Its also important to make your home properly insulated because without it it will be unbearably hot in the summer months and extremely cold in the winter.

Shipping Container homes seem to be becoming more popular. There is even one in New Haven, CT. They built this home to blend into the neighborhood just like the other homes. You would never notice it was built with shipping containers by just looking at the front. Click here to read more about the New Haven shipping container home.

What are your thoughts on Container living?


Written by: Melissa McAniff: [email protected] and Amanda Pulitano

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