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Pool Types

Are you looking to put in a pool or buy a property that already has a pool? There are some things you should know before you make this decision. There are three different types of pools; fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete (also called gunite). To find out which pool is right for you this blog will cover all the basics about each type and the advantages/disadvantages.

Vinyl Liner:

Vinyl pools contain a interior surface that is made of a vinyl liner. Under the liner there can either be wood, steel, concrete, plastic, or sheet metal. Concrete seems to be the most attractive to pool builders today. Some advantages are that they are affordable, easy to maintain, and they fit almost any design. Some disadvantages are you will have to replace the liner over the years. The liner can be slippery especially on the stair parts of the pool. Pool owners have to make sure there are no sharp objects that come in contact with the liner that can rip it or the liner will have to be replaced.


Concrete (Gunite):

Gunite pools are 12 inches of concrete thickness on all sides and bottom. Gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement, and water. They apply gunite with a high powered hose over a steel bar structure. Some advantages of a gunite pool are that it is cheaper then regular concrete. There are many color choices of plaster. They don’t require any extra care or upkeep from vinyl pools. These pools are easy to construct and are built to last. Some disadvantages are it takes up to 2-3 months for the pool to be built. The rough bottom may be uncomfortable to some people and may irritate or scrape the feet.

The Gunite pool in this photo is located at a house that is for sale in Trumbull, CT. The pool set up is relaxing and attractive. The house itself is a perfect fit for any family who is looking to move to the area.

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A fiberglass pool is a one piece structure made up of fiberglass materials. These structures are usually made from a mold in a factory. Once the pool is made in the factor they then have to transport the structure and instal it on site. Some advantages are they are durable, easy to install, attractive, have a comfortable texture, and are compatible with salt water. Some disadvantages with this type of pool is that there are limited options when it comes to customizing and designing your pool. These pools are also more expensive then the other two types.

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Comment what kind of pool you have and what you like about it, we would love to hear from you!


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