Looking to Sell?



Looking to sell? You are not alone! Whether you are looking to downsize, relocate, or find a larger property, selling can be overwhelming without proper guidance. Our success and local expertise are two key factors that will provide a successful real estate experience for you.


Step One

Thinking of selling but are unsure? Some common signs you are ready to sell is: you no longer feel the attachment you once did to your house, the size just doesn’t feel right, or the home is holding you back from opportunities. Once you decide selling is for you, its time to select a real estate agent. Your Real Estate Agent can help you with the market information, provide pricing structure, suggestions for preparing your home, marketing techniques, and the overall process.


Step Two

After determining an appropriate worth of your home, your Real Estate Agent and you can look forward to preparing to sell.  This includes keeping your home and landscape pristine*. Your Real Estate Agent will help you showcase the wonderful things your home has to offer and what originally attracted you to it.  Minor improvements will make a big difference in the buyer’s eyes.

Homes that look move in ready – sell quicker!


Step Three

Beyond marketing; Your Real Estate Agent will help you decipher through offers until it is time to finally accept an offer. It is important to remember that price isn’t the only factor in an offer, there is also terms and conditions. After the buyer has inspected the house, gotten an appraisal and is set to purchase, your Real Estate Agent can help you move on to the closing date.


Step Four

After closing, you can look towards the future. If you need help purchasing a home, we are here for you as well!

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