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Want to be a Real Estate Agent Part 2

Denise Ferris 2 Year Anniversary 4/3/2019

Denise’s Story Continued…

“Get A Leg Up”

Once I got my license, I was raring to go; and boy did I go.  During my first year, I was lucky enough to have family and a few other clients who trusted and believed in me enough to use me and of course I had assured them that not only did they have me; but Nancy as well so it was always a “twofer” while I was in the learning stages of my first year which is a good thing for sure.

My first learning practice sale didn’t actually close until I had actually done six other deals on my own but ok….I did learn on that one.  It was a toughie for sure. Some later transactions; I had the agent who demanded I send her a Hubbard Clause. Um, huh? Nancy, what is the Hubbard clause and how do I write one?  It was on the test but I don’t know how to write one…… HELPPP!!! Ugh.

My first listing was a probate sale and from there, I have had a few listings and represented a good deal of buyers in various purchase transactions.  I’ve juggled three-four clients at a time and then there have been times where I would give anything just to have one. All of it is good. I love what I do and can’t imagine why it ever took me so long to get it started.

Real Estate is a never ending learning experience and I am ready, willing and able to accept the challenge!  Keep it coming, Baby! I love our team!

This is my track record to date:

Property Category
39 Cooper Avenue, Milford Rental Listing
39 Cooper Avenue, Milford Rental
1168 Main Street, Stratford Rental
1028 Fernbrook Road, Orange Listing
77 Brentwood Drive, Wallingford Purchase
32 Union Street, Seymour Purchase
15 Shagbark Lane, Milford Purchase
235 Lynne Place, Bridgeport Listing
125 Warner Hill Road, Unit 143, Stratford Listing
20 Lantern Drive, Seymour Purchase
125 Warner Hill Road, Unit 115, Stratford Purchase
70 Hemlock Street, West Haven Purchase
63 Glenmoor Drive East Haven Purchase

44 Saint Mihiel Drive Hamden

428 Middlebury Road, Middlebury Rental

I had hoped to do better but had some health issues in 2018 that slowed me down a little bit but now I’m well and ready as ever to hit 2019 strong!  🙂


Your team loves you too Denise! We are all so proud of how far you have come and can’t wait to see what the Real Estate world has in store for you next! 

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