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Denise Ferris 2 Year Anniversary 4/3/2019

Nancy Roy Collins Real Estate wants to wish our agent Denise Ferris, a Happy 2 Year Anniversary! 2 years ago today she got her Real Estate license. She worked hard to get here so we wanted to share her journey with you all. If you are thinking of getting your Real Estate license you will learn a lot from Ferris’s story. It takes motivation and time but in the end it is all worth it.

“Get A Leg Up”

Ah….so my official two year real estate anniversary is here!

I’ve said I love real estate right from day one and I still do although not every day in the real estate life has been easy…. 🙂  Aw, who am I kidding; mostly, none of them were easy but I always did love a challenge and I had the greatest teacher; my old co-worker, my friend, my new broker.

I told Nancy I was interested in getting my license one day over lunch (we got together once or twice a year over the two decades we’ve known each other from a prior job) and what do you know……bam….I had some course details in my email a few short weeks later.

Getting started was tough. I didn’t pass the first test, …… I reached out to Nancy and asked or shall I say accepted her offer of help.  She helped me re-study every single chapter either in person or by phone for weeks until we got through both Principles and Practices as well as CT State Law.

I eventually passed! 🙂  Thank God! and Nancy!

While we studied together, we joked, we laughed, we drank and we learned. There were words like Indefeasible, Defeasible; Escheat, Habendum, Riparian, Granting clause, Fee Simple, Subrogation, Accretion, Avulsion, Freehold, Encumbrance, Fiduciary, Townships, Lock and Block, Metes and Bounds, 1031 Exchanges and more.

I eventually learned all of the terms and their meanings. I had always thought the test would be a piece of cake…. Heehee. I was wrong.

Thank you Nancy…for taking time out of your personal family time and life to help me and make sure I understood all of it. Explaining with real life examples and even in a few rare instances; learning with me. It was fun and I treasured every moment of it.  We even came up with what we hoped over a glass of wine would be the next new company logo…..”Get a leg up” on real estate. That was so fun! We had talked about how that photograph session would go and neither of us could stop laughing…… Oh boy! 🙂

Denise’s story to be continued…

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CT Licensed Real Estate Broker, 66 Huntington St. Shelton CT 06484
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